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Teodora Bozheva

Trainer and Coach

Teodora Bozheva (@tbozheva) has more than 20 years of experience in the field of software development. Working as a programmer and later as a project manager she acquired good knowledge about how to deal with customers and build software products that satisfy them.  She has personally undergone all the challenges in meeting tough schedules and managing projects dependencies and limited resources.

The first process improvement project Teodora was involved to, back in 1999,  was cancelled because it failed to demonstrate business benefits. Since then she has been helping more than 20 companies to improve their working routines adopting good CMMI, Lean Kanban and Agile practices. Her customers have achieved CMMI certifications, Maturity Level 2 to 5, as well as ISO21500. In all the cases Teodora makes sure she understands her customers’ business needs and fulfills them through effective practices.

Teodora is Accredited Kanban Trainier and Certified Kanban Coaching Professional. She had also been a Certified CMMI Instructor for 15 years. She finds trainings a foundamental means to show people the right approach to achieving their goals.  

Teodora is passioned about helping traditional management companies to transition to flexible and efficient organizations, capable to thrive in dynamic work environments. With this aim in 2011 she founded Berriprocess.

Teodora is based in Bilbao, Spain.